Wk 11- Activity- Fiber Art

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This week’s activity was to create fiber art by either sewing, knitting, weaving, or crotchet. In my perspective, it was a piece of cake because in high school I used to be part of the knitting club.  decided to do a scarf because it was something I already knew plus winter is coming up so why not. In the pictures above, you can see that I have a lot of materials to knit. The hardest part for me was choosing the colors. It is actually pretty easy but you just need to practice everyday. When I barely started in high school, it was annoying because I could not get it right. I did not give up and I started going everyday after school. I did not realized it was art until the day Glenn was saying that this is actually a type of art. I have never considered myself artistic because I can not draw, build, or paint. I am actually proud of myself for bringing out my artistic side in this project.

I started knitting this on Tuesday and I barely finish on Friday. It took me a while because I had other things going on such as class, homework, work, etc. I decided to do a cute scarf for my mom because I never had the opportunity to make her one in high school since we always donated the scarves to the less fortunate. It was a very fun project! I actually did not try something new because I already had all the materials to make the scarf. I actually did get the results I expected. In fact, the scarf came out even prettier than I expected. I really enjoyed this project because it reminded me of how I can actually be creative and use my creativity to put a smile one someone’s face. A homemade scarf may not seem like a enormous gift but just the fact that I handmade it to a love one makes it special. This activity made me realize that fiber art does not get enough credit as painting and drawing does. I feel like it goes underappreciated by many people and perhaps even some artists. Fiber art should be praised because It is beautiful and unique in its own different way as every other type of art. Overall, this activity was eye opening for myself because I discovered that perhaps I am an artist. Below is a picture of my final result of the scarf.

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WK 10 Activity Game Design

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This weeks activity was to make our own geocache and search for one. We had to download the app and register for it. I was so confused and I did not understand how to do this activity. I thought it was very hard until I texted one or two of my classmates so they can explain to me the activity in their perspective. I decided to do it in long beach because there many caches. I took my roommates with me on the hunt for the caches. It was sort of fun because we were looking for  them so we decided it was like a scavenger hunt! We could not find the first one because it was hidden so well that the four of us could not find it all! We decided to try again but the same thing happened. Honestly, i thought I found it but it was actually a false alarm. It was very fun and interesting activity because I did it with my roommates. I tend to do the activities with my roommates because they make it so much fun than it looks. This experience was rather interesting and somewhat hard.

In my cache, My roommates and I decided to put a small detail that belonged to us. We decided to put some quotes, candy, pens, and one of my roommates thought it was funny to leave a condom. It was pretty hard because we could not find the location. I think it was crazy that people actually geocache! My roommates thought that this was a very interesting experiment.

Week 10- Classmate Conversation- Jennifer Rodriguez

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This week I met Jennifer Rodriguez aka China! She goes by Jen and her peeps call her Jen-Rod (like the baseball player A-Rod, lol).She is 23 years young, haha. She is a Cancer and everything they say about Cancer’s is super true, it super applies to her. She is the oldest daughter of her family and she is also first generation and super proud to be leaving footprints for the rest to follow. She is SUPER family oriented. They do things that families now days don’t do as much (like they all pool their checks and help pay one another bills and stuff). She is a very optimistic person to the max! She does not  see the point on being super negative about something.She believes that good thoughts brings good vibes. That’s all she needs in her life.She considers her sister who is 4 years younger than her my best friend. They do tend to argue and disagree but they have each other’s back to the fullest.Her dream job is to become a Physician Assistant. She is currently working her way up the ladder.

If she could travel anywhere in the world in this moment she wouldn’t hesitate to visit Spain (because her ancestors are from there and she is a huge fan of soccer) followed by France.
She took French classes for 4 years. Her speaking level is at about a beginner- average. She understand more than I can speak though.She loves learning new things. No one is ever too old to learn. She told me a story about the struggles of being a Latina and I can totally relate to her but I love how she overcame that obstacle.Her favorite color is blue. She LOVES the beach. She guesses that it is because she was born during summer. She  loves doing outdoors-ie stuff like hiking, swimming, playing sports etc. To conclude, she is a super fun and intellectual person! I actually liked listening and getting to know her!
Her website is below:

Wk 10- Artist Conversation – Matthew Dumpit

IMG_0146 WEEK 10

This week I decided to write about Matthew Dumpbit. His art gallery was located in the Dennis W. Dutzy Gallery. His main focus on the art gallery is kinematics (slow motion) and emotion. The objects were made of out of wood, small  objects that were made of cranks and levers which is made out of metal. The qualities of the art show was the set up lightning of the gallery, crank and lever objects, and a wooden chair designed in a Victorian style. The structure of the chair was very interesting and unique. The materials were bended, straight, and curved. Some of the materials were wood, brass, 450-aluminum fay electric, and steel-19 gage. The main colors were white and black. I loved the way the colors showed the shadows of objects were enhanced to the maximum potential.

His inspiration for the art gallery were emotions. His goal was for people to sense the type of emotion when they saw the kinematics. Emotions are a very part of a person and the way he portrayed emotions through art is beautiful. The fact that he is practicing art makes him happy. One of his frustrations was the fact that the materials were small and very delicate. His favorite piece is a small one because it is very complex. The art pieces are very breathtaking. You can tell that this project took a lot of work and dedication. The emotion and motion interwine with each other perfectly.Although Matt is an art major, it is very fascinating how he incorporates engineering in the art. Overall, the art was beautiful and interesting.

His email:

Wk 9 Activity Transmedia Storytelling

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This week’s activity I had to come up with characters and tell a story about that character and two more character. I teamed with Milton. My character’s name is Dyana. I was inspired by my roommate because she was telling me that she wanted to be part of a telenova and well honestly this will be the closest she will get to it. Dyana in her young childhood had to become an escort in order to pay for college. She had a rough childhood but she was able to overcome it by meeting an awesome girl named Christa who showed the correct path. Basically, Christa showed her that she can get out of that world and get financial aid for college. Dyana did not trust her at first but Christa gained her trust. Dyana slowly started changing into a better woman and start following a better and more positive path for herself. At the end, Christa and Dyana became very good friends and indeed moved in together.I used Instagram for Dyana and Christa and they have pictures of them together finding an apartment to live together. It shows how they became close friends when they were strangers in the beginning. The moral of the story is that a person might change your path into a better one. This activity was pretty interesting but the only thing I disliked was working with another person from class. I like my classmates but I am not huge on working with others or group projects.

Wk9 -Artist Conversation – Maccabee Shelley

This week I decided to visit the Gatov Gallery West where Maccabee Shelley displayed his collection of sculptures. He is from Los Angeles and he got a degree in studio art from Humboldt University. He is currently a post- post-baccalaureate special student at California State University Long Beach.The sculptures were made of different materials such as cones, suitcases, books, plastic, glass, and paint. The cohesion of two is what holds the piece together and gives it an own significant identity.

The collection is titled Fragile Future by Maccabee Shelley. Shelley informed his audience about his discovery of the art world. Something interesting about him is that he was originally a Environmental Science major  who casually took a sculpture class as an elective. He realized that he actually enjoyed the sculpture classes so he decided to drop his major and pursue art instead. He realized that his passion was art but he still incorporated environmental science into his art work. An example would be the sculpture of glass bottle because he claims that the production of this piece was a “scientific process”. Shelley does not see any art piece as his favorite because he sees the gallery itself as one piece of art work. Shelley at one point took the time to take a picture of us because he felt appreciated that we were actually genuinely interested in his artwork.

I found Shelley’s artwork very extraordinary because it is like a puzzle piece with all the various materials that hold it together. It is very unique to they eye because it catches your attention and you are tempted to know more information about it. He beautified the glass bottles or the materials that are usually seen as junk or have a negative connotation. Shelley is a perfect example of how art does not necessarily have to be paint or drawing to be considered “art”

For more information on Maccabee Shelley look at his website at

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Wk 9- Classmate Conversation – Shannelle Cruz

On Thursday, I started my morning on the wrong side of the bed. I was contemplating not going to class but I am glad I did because I met Shannelle! I was standing by myself looking around at the art and she approached me asking me if I already had an artist conversation. She was really nice and I automatically warmed up to her! Okay let me tell you some information about Shanelle, she is a fourth year although she does  not look like one at all. She can go for a second year like me. She is majoring in health care administration. She is 22 years old but honestly she looks 19! I thought she was Hawaiin but she is actually Filipino. She started sharing stories about how people confuse her for being 18 or 19 when she goes out to clubs or bars. They ALWAYS ID HER! I thought it was so funny because she always has to prove she is actually over the age of 21. On her spare time, she likes to work out at the gym  because she is currently trying to get fit. She loves to watch netflix and she recommended “Jane the Virgin”! Something we had in common was that we both played basketball in highschool so we shared some of our experiences. She played small and I played Big. She used to go to St. Joseph Highschool in Lakewood. She used to live in Long Beach but now she lives in Cerritos! She works at Downtown Disney. Overall, Shannelle seemed like a pretty chill person! I would love to actually continue talking to her and eventually become friends! We exchanged snapchats and numbers after our conversation.This week’s question was, “what was your favorite art piece that you have seen so far?” She liked the used tea stained place mates. She liked it because it was very cute and the atmosphere was awesome!

Go check out her website!


Wk 8- Artist Conversation – Rhiannon Aarons


This week’s artist conversation, I had the opportunity to talk to Rhiannon Aarons. She had formal art training since she was 17 which is pretty young in my perspective. She works with people who are disabled as a non profit teacher. She is very generous person because she loves to volunteer by spending her time helping others in her community. She wants to bring back to life the history that has disappeared in her art work. She currently a second year MFA student at CSULB.


The title of her art piece is called Ex Libris. Her work usually focuses on the depictions of skeletons and anatomical renderings of mythological beings. I have never seen a type of art like this because it is usually with paint or a different texture. This art in particular was made with a method called drypoint print and digital paint. The structure of it represents how it serves an allegory to a life cycle. She has her mind set on making her viewers in depth about what they really see in her art pieces. She just wants people to expand their creativity and how they will interpret the piece in their own perspective.


The art piece above are her art pieces that are named Serpents. It was based on the historical prints of the garden of Eden. It is based on the serpent that tricks Eva to sin in the beginning of time when God created the world. The serpent in a biblical sense has a negative connotation. She chose these art pieces because they all share the common thread of depicting the serpent as specifically feminine, even though the biblical serpent is gender neutral.

Her art pieces  are very simple but it has a very depth meaning if you actually pay attention. I love how the serpents had a connection with the bible because I have never seen an artist use the bible as a base. She made the skeletons without legs but with wings which adds a mythological sense.

Rhiannon Aarons’ Information:



Social Media: and

Week 8 – Activity- Mobile Public Art: Somebody App

IMG_2345 IMG_2344

This week’s activity was pretty weird because I had to use the Somebody app.  It was very difficult for me because I did not understand it at all. I was trying to figure it out with my roommates and we just could not get it until one of my classmates explained it to me. Calexico was the one who explained it to me over the phone so basically  you have to  compose a message but instead of you sending it directly to the person you want to send it to you have to send the message to another person to send it for you. Honestly, I did not like it at all. I thought it was just very creepy because I did not want a random person to come up to me to deliver a message.

The only thing that somebody app would have in common with periscope, snapchat, and instagram is the fact there are strangers who can see our stuff but in the somebody app you can actually get to know them which is just utterly weird. In other words, it lets you connect with other people. The app was very complicated and it did  not let me have fun like the other apps. Snapchat is my favorite app because I feel like it is the most laid back. I get to see what my friends are doing on their days off and they get to see what I am doing with either a picture, video, or even text through snapchat. Instagram is mostly focused on nice pictures that serves as memories and snapchat is more of a daily use. On the other hand, periscope is only fun when many people watch and comment and interact with you. If I had the opportunity to create an app, I would probably do a similar one like snapchat but change some of the effects to make it more fun and simple. My app would allow others to have a good time and not worry so much on the emojis next to their names. Honestly, I would not know what I would name it because I would want a word that grabs a person attention. Overall, it was a pretty weird experience if you ask me!

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