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Hey guys!

This week my roommate and I went to Seal Beach to do the plaster casting activity. I brought her with me because I was confused with the directions about the sculpture. Two heads are better than one. We decided to take the bus to Seal Beach because it was less of a hassle to figure out the parking and wasting gas. At first I was nervous because I did not want to get lost on my way to Seal Beach since I had a class in the afternoon and I planned to go right after I finished m sculpture. The good thing is that my GPS was right and I got there on the planned time in order to make it to class on time.

I went in the morning around 11 A.M and the weather was perfect! I should go to the beach more often because it is very fresh and relaxing. We got there and chose the perfect spot to do the sculpture. The funny thing is that we forgot a shovel to dig a hole but luckily a few of my classmates were there to share their shovel with us. They were very helpful and kind to guide us through the plaster casting. My roommate helped me pour wet sand on my hand and helped me mix the plaster and water in my bucket. The waves were very strong at one point that we had to build a barrier in order to protect my mold. Our barrier could only protect my mold because my roommates shoes were splashed by the powerful waves! I thought it was kind of funny but she did not. I kind of owe her new shoes now.

We started digging the cast very carefully because I did not want to destroy my creation. It came out very funny looking but I really like it! My hand looks like a foot because the hole was extremely deep that my arm is included there as well. I found this project very fun and cool because I have never done this in my life! I am proud of it because I am not an arts person at all. Now I can actually say I have done a unique craft with the help of my roommate of course. I would recommend this project to others because it is a fun project where you can relax at the beach and create a mold of either your hand, foot, or anything!


I was admiring my project!

Until next time,