This week I had the opportunity to meet Jennifer Palacios.  Here’s a little about her. Jennifer Palacios is 18 years old turning 19 this Monday November 23. She is a sophomore majoring in criminal justice trying to go into criminal investigator. She has two dogs named coco and Chloé. They’re basically her children, they mean a lot to her. She enjoys reading when she has the chance to. You can say she has her own library because she has so many books, which she got yet to read but haven’t found the time to.  She don’t necessarily have a favorite author but She really enjoys Rainbow Rowell’s work. The types of books she normally reads are more young adult contemporaries. She loves going to Disneyland and anything Disneyland related. She is an annual pass holder and she tries going as much as possible, normally she goes at least twice a month! She is not that great at drawing, she considers herself average. She normally likes drawing Disney stuff and mandalas. She is a shy person at first, but once she gets to know someone she is very open. She currently works for a company named Kate Spade in Citadel. She watches a lot of Netflix! She enjoys shows like friends, American horror story, criminal minds, parks and rec., the following, and stuff like that. She absolutely LOVE all of Tim burtons work!  She thinks he’s simply amazing at what he does.She  would one day like to travel around the work, the first place she  would like to visit is the UK. She doesnt  really travel by herself but the farthest place she has ever been to is Georgia. She hates the sun/hot weather! She prefers the cold weather! She loves fall/winter and her favorite holiday would be Christmas. For the question of the week, she said that art is an essential part of her life now. She is actually interested and sees the beauty of art.

Here is the link to her website: