This week I had the opportunity to meet the artist Tyler Turett.  His gallery is located in the Max L. Gatov East. Tyler is from Huntington Beach and this is his last year at Cal State Long Beach whom is majoring in animation. Tyler likes using Photoshop for all of his illustrations, much of which he created at his job. He uses a Tablet to draw everything out. His inspiration for this gallery came from old cartoons that he used to watch as a kid.  Art has been his passion since he was a kid.Tyler is currently working on a new animated TV show on Comedy Central called Jeff and Some Aliens. Tyler works for a studio called Shadow Machine and would like to stay there for the next few years and eventually move on to something better. Tyler said that he really enjoys shows that can test people’s ability on television. Tyler’s favorite Disney movie would probably be Toy Story.

The process to create an animation can become very tedious because there has been a time where he had to redraw a character 20 times. I can only imagine how annoying that is. He tries to draw something new every time because he wants to see what he is capable of. His artworks were very creative because he had aliens and animals portraying human’s actions. Overall, his artwork was pretty interesting and beautiful. At some point, the drawings made me think about my childhood. Personally, the frogs in his artwork brought back many memories for myself. I recommend you to actually sit down and look at his artwork.


This is his website to know more information about him: