This week I had the opportunity to talk to Stefany Rodriguez! I actually met her through out her sister Jennifer Rodriguez Aka China. They actually look very similar and at one point in the class, I thought they were the same person. They both are very nice girls. Well, her name is Stefany Rodriguez and she is a second year at Cal State Long Beach. She is a criminal justice major which is pretty cool considering that at one point I was a criminal justice major as well. She has a 1 older sister and 1 younger brother. They both live on the North side of Long Beach. Stefany works as a life guard at the CSULB competition pool. She said that working as a lifeguard is not that easy because other people’s lives depend on you and some people underestimate lifeguards and call us lazy because we sit on the lifeguard chair. It makes sense why she would get a job as a lifeguard because swimming is one of her hobbies. Water polo is one of her hobbies as well. She is part of the water polo club on campus. She is a very interactive person because she is very outgoing and has a free spirit. It encourages me to become more out there and joining clubs like her. She was telling me that she recommends me to join clubs because I will find people with a lot of similarities as me and it just makes the college experience better. She loves going to the gym and lifting, walking her dog, and she loves shopping. Every girl must love shopping so I can relate with her there. I enjoy working out as well and maybe we can go to the gym one of these days. One fun fact is that she dislocated her shoulder more than 5 times due to her playing water polo. I can only imagine how painful that is. She dislocated her ankle 3 times and her knees once because of soccer. Ironically, all her body parts were on the left side. I can tell that she is an athletic girl.

The question of the week was, “what color soothes you and what color aggravates you?” Stefany said, “Blue and green calms her because they are nature colors and red aggravates her because it seems evil”.

Below is her website: