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This week on Thursday I had the chance to meet Kathy Yoon in the Maxine Merlino Gallery. As I was walking inside her gallery, I could not help but stare at the beautiful creations.  They are very breathtaking. The amazing part of art is that it eases your mind while it takes you to another dimension in your mind. Kathy Yoon is such a lovely lady who is 27 years old. She transferred from cypress community college to Cal State Long Beach. She is currently a third year. She mentioned how she majored in math before realized that art was her passion. Kathy started talking about her childhood how she was an artistic child because she always loved drawing and playing with Playdo. This played a huge part in her life because it made her realize that ceramics was her strength. Eventually, she focused on that specific area. Tim Burton has been a big influence in her life. He is known for dark and gothic artwork and most importantly he is the writer and producer of Nightmare  Before Christmas. If you connect her artwork and Tim Burton, you can see how her artwork can relate with the main character in the Nightmare Before Christmas. It is very noticeable. In fact, I shared the pictures of her art pieces with my roommates and they fell in love with the artwork. Hence, my roommates love the Nightmare Before Christmas.

Kathy’s art collection is called “So Many Me’s”. The collection is made up of ceramic figures that Kathy refers to as “characters”. I love how each different character is unique. Each ceramic figure reminded me of my roommates. I love how art can remind you of the special friends in your life hence my roommates. Kathy used porcelain clay, white rose paper clay, tissue paper, minimal yarn, and underglaze. In order to create the ceramic figures,Kathy used an essential technique named coiling.Kathy forms long strips of clay into the desired shapes and then she  supports the pieces with stilts. Afterwards, she fires the place pieces to make them harden, or sometimes she puts the piece in an oven. Each piece takes her about 2 to 3 weeks to complete. I admire how Kathy puts her emotions and life experiences into her work. She wants her characters to convey her personality and feelings. She wishes viewers can relate with her artwork. I love how the ceramic figures have a deep meaning. Kathy did an excellent job with her artwork.

Instagram: http://www.instagramq.com/kathy.c.yoon

Email: Kathy.c.yoon@gmail.com