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This week’s activity was to create fiber art by either sewing, knitting, weaving, or crotchet. In my perspective, it was a piece of cake because in high school I used to be part of the knitting club.  decided to do a scarf because it was something I already knew plus winter is coming up so why not. In the pictures above, you can see that I have a lot of materials to knit. The hardest part for me was choosing the colors. It is actually pretty easy but you just need to practice everyday. When I barely started in high school, it was annoying because I could not get it right. I did not give up and I started going everyday after school. I did not realized it was art until the day Glenn was saying that this is actually a type of art. I have never considered myself artistic because I can not draw, build, or paint. I am actually proud of myself for bringing out my artistic side in this project.

I started knitting this on Tuesday and I barely finish on Friday. It took me a while because I had other things going on such as class, homework, work, etc. I decided to do a cute scarf for my mom because I never had the opportunity to make her one in high school since we always donated the scarves to the less fortunate. It was a very fun project! I actually did not try something new because I already had all the materials to make the scarf. I actually did get the results I expected. In fact, the scarf came out even prettier than I expected. I really enjoyed this project because it reminded me of how I can actually be creative and use my creativity to put a smile one someone’s face. A homemade scarf may not seem like a enormous gift but just the fact that I handmade it to a love one makes it special. This activity made me realize that fiber art does not get enough credit as painting and drawing does. I feel like it goes underappreciated by many people and perhaps even some artists. Fiber art should be praised because It is beautiful and unique in its own different way as every other type of art. Overall, this activity was eye opening for myself because I discovered that perhaps I am an artist. Below is a picture of my final result of the scarf.

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