IMG_0146 WEEK 10

This week I decided to write about Matthew Dumpbit. His art gallery was located in the Dennis W. Dutzy Gallery. His main focus on the art gallery is kinematics (slow motion) and emotion. The objects were made of out of wood, small  objects that were made of cranks and levers which is made out of metal. The qualities of the art show was the set up lightning of the gallery, crank and lever objects, and a wooden chair designed in a Victorian style. The structure of the chair was very interesting and unique. The materials were bended, straight, and curved. Some of the materials were wood, brass, 450-aluminum fay electric, and steel-19 gage. The main colors were white and black. I loved the way the colors showed the shadows of objects were enhanced to the maximum potential.

His inspiration for the art gallery were emotions. His goal was for people to sense the type of emotion when they saw the kinematics. Emotions are a very part of a person and the way he portrayed emotions through art is beautiful. The fact that he is practicing art makes him happy. One of his frustrations was the fact that the materials were small and very delicate. His favorite piece is a small one because it is very complex. The art pieces are very breathtaking. You can tell that this project took a lot of work and dedication. The emotion and motion interwine with each other perfectly.Although Matt is an art major, it is very fascinating how he incorporates engineering in the art. Overall, the art was beautiful and interesting.

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