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This weeks activity was to make our own geocache and search for one. We had to download the app and register for it. I was so confused and I did not understand how to do this activity. I thought it was very hard until I texted one or two of my classmates so they can explain to me the activity in their perspective. I decided to do it in long beach because there many caches. I took my roommates with me on the hunt for the caches. It was sort of fun because we were looking for  them so we decided it was like a scavenger hunt! We could not find the first one because it was hidden so well that the four of us could not find it all! We decided to try again but the same thing happened. Honestly, i thought I found it but it was actually a false alarm. It was very fun and interesting activity because I did it with my roommates. I tend to do the activities with my roommates because they make it so much fun than it looks. This experience was rather interesting and somewhat hard.

In my cache, My roommates and I decided to put a small detail that belonged to us. We decided to put some quotes, candy, pens, and one of my roommates thought it was funny to leave a condom. It was pretty hard because we could not find the location. I think it was crazy that people actually geocache! My roommates thought that this was a very interesting experiment.