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This week I met Jennifer Rodriguez aka China! She goes by Jen and her peeps call her Jen-Rod (like the baseball player A-Rod, lol).She is 23 years young, haha. She is a Cancer and everything they say about Cancer’s is super true, it super applies to her. She is the oldest daughter of her family and she is also first generation and super proud to be leaving footprints for the rest to follow. She is SUPER family oriented. They do things that families now days don’t do as much (like they all pool their checks and help pay one another bills and stuff). She is a very optimistic person to the max! She does not  see the point on being super negative about something.She believes that good thoughts brings good vibes. That’s all she needs in her life.She considers her sister who is 4 years younger than her my best friend. They do tend to argue and disagree but they have each other’s back to the fullest.Her dream job is to become a Physician Assistant. She is currently working her way up the ladder.

If she could travel anywhere in the world in this moment she wouldn’t hesitate to visit Spain (because her ancestors are from there and she is a huge fan of soccer) followed by France.
She took French classes for 4 years. Her speaking level is at about a beginner- average. She understand more than I can speak though.She loves learning new things. No one is ever too old to learn. She told me a story about the struggles of being a Latina and I can totally relate to her but I love how she overcame that obstacle.Her favorite color is blue. She LOVES the beach. She guesses that it is because she was born during summer. She  loves doing outdoors-ie stuff like hiking, swimming, playing sports etc. To conclude, she is a super fun and intellectual person! I actually liked listening and getting to know her!
Her website is below: