This week I decided to visit the Gatov Gallery West where Maccabee Shelley displayed his collection of sculptures. He is from Los Angeles and he got a degree in studio art from Humboldt University. He is currently a post- post-baccalaureate special student at California State University Long Beach.The sculptures were made of different materials such as cones, suitcases, books, plastic, glass, and paint. The cohesion of two is what holds the piece together and gives it an own significant identity.

The collection is titled Fragile Future by Maccabee Shelley. Shelley informed his audience about his discovery of the art world. Something interesting about him is that he was originally a Environmental Science major  who casually took a sculpture class as an elective. He realized that he actually enjoyed the sculpture classes so he decided to drop his major and pursue art instead. He realized that his passion was art but he still incorporated environmental science into his art work. An example would be the sculpture of glass bottle because he claims that the production of this piece was a “scientific process”. Shelley does not see any art piece as his favorite because he sees the gallery itself as one piece of art work. Shelley at one point took the time to take a picture of us because he felt appreciated that we were actually genuinely interested in his artwork.

I found Shelley’s artwork very extraordinary because it is like a puzzle piece with all the various materials that hold it together. It is very unique to they eye because it catches your attention and you are tempted to know more information about it. He beautified the glass bottles or the materials that are usually seen as junk or have a negative connotation. Shelley is a perfect example of how art does not necessarily have to be paint or drawing to be considered “art”

For more information on Maccabee Shelley look at his website at

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