On Thursday, I started my morning on the wrong side of the bed. I was contemplating not going to class but I am glad I did because I met Shannelle! I was standing by myself looking around at the art and she approached me asking me if I already had an artist conversation. She was really nice and I automatically warmed up to her! Okay let me tell you some information about Shanelle, she is a fourth year although she does  not look like one at all. She can go for a second year like me. She is majoring in health care administration. She is 22 years old but honestly she looks 19! I thought she was Hawaiin but she is actually Filipino. She started sharing stories about how people confuse her for being 18 or 19 when she goes out to clubs or bars. They ALWAYS ID HER! I thought it was so funny because she always has to prove she is actually over the age of 21. On her spare time, she likes to work out at the gym  because she is currently trying to get fit. She loves to watch netflix and she recommended “Jane the Virgin”! Something we had in common was that we both played basketball in highschool so we shared some of our experiences. She played small and I played Big. She used to go to St. Joseph Highschool in Lakewood. She used to live in Long Beach but now she lives in Cerritos! She works at Downtown Disney. Overall, Shannelle seemed like a pretty chill person! I would love to actually continue talking to her and eventually become friends! We exchanged snapchats and numbers after our conversation.This week’s question was, “what was your favorite art piece that you have seen so far?” She liked the used tea stained place mates. She liked it because it was very cute and the atmosphere was awesome!

Go check out her website!