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This week’s activity I had to come up with characters and tell a story about that character and two more character. I teamed with Milton. My character’s name is Dyana. I was inspired by my roommate because she was telling me that she wanted to be part of a telenova and well honestly this will be the closest she will get to it. Dyana in her young childhood had to become an escort in order to pay for college. She had a rough childhood but she was able to overcome it by meeting an awesome girl named Christa who showed the correct path. Basically, Christa showed her that she can get out of that world and get financial aid for college. Dyana did not trust her at first but Christa gained her trust. Dyana slowly started changing into a better woman and start following a better and more positive path for herself. At the end, Christa and Dyana became very good friends and indeed moved in together.I used Instagram for Dyana and Christa and they have pictures of them together finding an apartment to live together. It shows how they became close friends when they were strangers in the beginning. The moral of the story is that a person might change your path into a better one. This activity was pretty interesting but the only thing I disliked was working with another person from class. I like my classmates but I am not huge on working with others or group projects.