This week I had the opportunity to talk to Ryan Bravo. I bumped into him in class and it was very funny because he was in like two of my classes in my freshman year. It was like catching up with an old classmate and it was pretty cool. I actually knew some information about him but this time it was pretty different and interesting.

He is a second year and he is Latino Half Mexican and Puerto Rican. He is from Santa Ana, California in the Orange County. It is a pretty popular place because the OC fair goes there annually. He is the youngest of four siblings. He is a criminal justice major and a minor in psychology. I was a criminal major in my first year of my college and I had two classes with him and it was pretty fun! It is pretty cool that I have him in this class again. I am a psychology minor like him. We have something in common! He loves to surf and going snowboarding.  He enjoys going to the gym a lot because he is like always at the gym literally! He enjoys spending time with his family and watching baseball, football, and basketball.

Today’s question of the day was “What is your favorite color and why?” Ryan said his favorite color is blue. He said he likes the texture and the way it can resemble the sky and peace. He says that blue looks really nice on him as well. Honestly, it was pretty nice to catch up with Ryan! Hopefully we have another class in the future!


Here is Ryans’s link on the bottom: