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This week’s activity was pretty weird because I had to use the Somebody app.  It was very difficult for me because I did not understand it at all. I was trying to figure it out with my roommates and we just could not get it until one of my classmates explained it to me. Calexico was the one who explained it to me over the phone so basically  you have to  compose a message but instead of you sending it directly to the person you want to send it to you have to send the message to another person to send it for you. Honestly, I did not like it at all. I thought it was just very creepy because I did not want a random person to come up to me to deliver a message.

The only thing that somebody app would have in common with periscope, snapchat, and instagram is the fact there are strangers who can see our stuff but in the somebody app you can actually get to know them which is just utterly weird. In other words, it lets you connect with other people. The app was very complicated and it did  not let me have fun like the other apps. Snapchat is my favorite app because I feel like it is the most laid back. I get to see what my friends are doing on their days off and they get to see what I am doing with either a picture, video, or even text through snapchat. Instagram is mostly focused on nice pictures that serves as memories and snapchat is more of a daily use. On the other hand, periscope is only fun when many people watch and comment and interact with you. If I had the opportunity to create an app, I would probably do a similar one like snapchat but change some of the effects to make it more fun and simple. My app would allow others to have a good time and not worry so much on the emojis next to their names. Honestly, I would not know what I would name it because I would want a word that grabs a person attention. Overall, it was a pretty weird experience if you ask me!