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This week the activity consisted of snapchat and personally it is my favorite social network! I was very excited to do this activity because I use snapchat all the time so it was no big deal for me. It was very unique way to get to know my classmates because they would put up little details about their day or what their day will consist of. On snapchat, it can be personal as a one on one conversation with one your friends or you can share with all your friends at once  on your story. I love how simple it is to communicate with one another. Honestly, there are times when I prefer snapchat over texting my friends. I love how the pictures, videos, and the new effects on snapchat can make the conversation more lively.

The three pictures in a row are snapchats from my weekend. The first picture is a snapchat of my roommates and since my third roommate was missing, we decided to draw her in so she wont feel left out. We went to the beach to distress from that week of school. The second picture is when we went to Signal Hill on Saturday to enjoy the view. Lastly, the third picture is a snapchat of a piece in the art galley where I decided to draw a person in the swing so it can be more vivid and interesting in my point of view. Of course not saying that the art is not breathtaking itself.

The other three pictures are snapchats from my fellow classmates: Milton Coreas, Natalie Mai, and Jennifer Rodriguez aka China. Milton was quite sad that his pool was dirty because it was pretty hot that day and unfortunately it was dirty. Natalie, on the other hand, decided to fix the fountain which I found pretty cool because she was showing her artistic skills through snapchat. Lastly, Jennifer or China posted a pic of her son ( I believe) eating either breakfast or a snack. I thought it was pretty cute because I like pan dulce with milk as well.Snapchat lets us relate with other people and see what they are doing for fun. If we like something from their snapchat, we can just snapchat them back with questions like: what kind of food it was, what theme park is it, etc.

Instagram, Periscope, and Snapchat are similar as in they are all social networks and people can view us in different perspectives.  They are different because Instagram is mostly for good quality pictures and snapchat is like an everyday use and it doesnt really matter what you post. Instagram is mostly like memorable moment and snapchat is mostly like random moments. Periscope is just weird because it is a video on what you are doing all the time and it is like you have to keep entertaining others so they can keep watching you. I prefer snapchat over the other two because it is much more simple and fun. I dont like periscope that much because it is an ongoing video of myself. In other words, I really enjoyed using snapchat this week! I recommend everyone to keep using snapchat because it is very fun and liberal.