This week I chose to visit the Maxine Merlino Gallery where Nora Ayala was showing her masterpieces. She is from Southern California. It is her last year in Cal State Long Beach doing her master in fine arts for printmaking. She became an art major because she has always been interested in it since she was kid. She enjoyed receiving art supplies during Christmas so she can draw or paint how she pleased. Her artist name is Norax.

I was attracted to this masterpiece because it was pink.  The art is made up from lipstick which is pretty odd but fascinating. It is also known as serigraphy/ screen printing with lipstick mesh. She used cheap lipstick because she did not want to spend a lot of money. She chose the lipstick because it was non toxic. The lipstick is smeared on different layers and the texture of the lipstick gives a tender and soft view  like intimacy. I feel like it is very romantic because the rose colors, flowers, and letter make me think about a relationship or love. Since the room was very dim, you can feel a love or romantic vibe in the room.

She is inspired by life in general because she says that life experiences have to do with everything. Her art pieces are mostly inspired by what she is feeling or going through that day or week. It all had to with her emotions and feelings. She enjoys doing art projects with neon and metallic colors but this one is quite different in a way since it is mostly pink. She also mention that it is easier to use this kind of print screening because it is faster to dry. Nora says that her art work represents the idea of allowing other people into the personal space. It was pretty awesome talking to Nora!

Mfa Students webpage    <— Webpage where her artwork is at go to Open Studios, then search for her name.

Instagram : norax-darleo