On Thursday I had the opportunity to have a conversation with Milton Coreas. I actually met him a while ago but I did not have the opportunity to do a classmate conversation on him.I remember I met him on a Thursday at the art galleries by just going up to him so he can explain to me what was the question of the day since I was late.  I found out he is in my history class with the British professor. Although he sits in the back and I in the front, we still say hi to each other whenever we see each other. He is a really nice and awesome guy.  He is a second year at Cal State Long Beach and is a film major. Milton likes to play soccer and is a soccer fan like most guys. He goes for Barcelona and his favorite players Messi and Iniesta. His current hobby is the guitar because he is determined to learn how to play the guitar well and learn how to play many songs. I found out that Milton’s parents are from D.F, Mexico which is pretty cool because my mom is from Mexico too but a different part. I found he had an apartment like me in long beach but he decided to move out and move back in at home  with his parents. He is from Lynwood which is not that far from my hometown Huntington Park.

Milton said if he could dye his hair any color it would be yellow because he likes Dragon Ball Z and he would want to be like Goku. I think that is an awesome idea because he would definintely stand out. You go Milton!

I will post Milton’s blog post in the bottom if you would like to know more about him:


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