This week’s activity was to broadcast ourselves live through periscope. I was very nervous because I did not know what to broadcast or how to even use it. I was very confused in the beginning. I had no idea what I was going to do because i could not think of anything interesting in my life to broadcast. That is when I figured out that I will broadcast myself featuring my amazing roommates.

My first periscope was about the daily struggles of living in an apartment with roommates. My roommates were talking about pro’s and cons. People kept agreeing with me because they actually have roommates. My roommates were very excited to be on my periscope. They decided to get a periscope. Glenn, you have inspired my roommates to join the periscope world. The girl in the bottom is my roommate showing the world how she is disgustingly popping her pimple. The daily struggle of putting up with these girls.IMG_0574


Later on that day, I periscoped on how we were getting ready to go out on out on thursday night. The night did not go as planned but the followers gave us other options to do. It was very weird responding to people’s comments because most of them I did not know at all. At one point I felt very awkward.

After watching many periscopers, I realized we shared many similarities. I managed to see one of my classmates doing her make up and I actually learned something. She was showing the world how to contour. This is very funny because I saw this girl that looked like my cousin on periscope and then I realized it was her!!! She had periscope for a long time. I did not know it was thing until she told me that she loves periscoping. She has encouraged me to keep periscoping to the world and letting everyone know what I am doing because I might become “famous”.

At the end, I did not like periscope that much. I enjoyed watching other periscopes but I did not like putting myself out there to the world. It was pretty weird.It is pretty fun because I was interacting with some of my classmates that I have never encountered but it made me anxious to meet them in person. However, I would recommend everyone to try it because you never know you might be a big hit on periscope.