This week I was walking around the galleries until I bumped into my fellow classmate Zeida Gonzalez.  She seemed very nice and quiet. She is a fourth year at Cal State Long Beach. She was a health major but she switched to film last year because she realized she would be crying all the time if she kept pursuing a career in Health. She is from Whittier. She told she wanted to have the experience of getting an apartment with college friends. I guess it came up because I was telling her my experience of having an apartment with three roommates. Every time I meet someone, my first question to ask them is “Do you like boba?” I am a big fanatic of boba. I found out she loves boba like me. Maybe we can go get some boba and hangout. Her hobbies include reading, eating, and Harry Potter. She loves Harry Potter and she is very excited for the Wizarding World of Harry Potter. I forgot to tell her that I met J.k Rowling when I was in 6th grade and she gave me the last book with her signature. I hope Zeida reads this or I get to see her again in class so I can mention it to her.

As we were talking and getting to know each other, I remembered there was a daily question. The question was “What do certain colors make you feel?” Zeida said that the bright colors represent happiness and joyful. Darker colors such as black, dark blue, dark grey are  more disturbing or negative feelings. She really loves colors regardless of the meaning because she can switch up the meaning depending on her mood.

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