This week I had the opportunity to observe amazing paintings by these talented people. The art gallery is located at Cal State Long Beach in the Dennis W. Dutzi Gallery. I thought it was pretty impressive how they outlined the seasons with oil paint. It almost made the painting alive because it was very vibrant.  My favorite painting was the season winter. Derry was saying she wanted to bring nature to life. In my perspective, she brought it. The painting is breathtaking. The name of their overall work was called “Viewpoint”.


They used three layers of paint. In addition, they used canvas to paint their work. The amount of various colors were used in the paintings make the viewpoint of the landscape different for everyone because everyone has a certain interpretation of color. They used different brushed which include think and thin. They used specific knives to give the paintings more detail to one’s eye. The overall project was planned last semester and it is still ongoing this semester.


This painting represents summer. It is beautiful. The thing that stands out is the blue streak in the bottom left of the painting. I did not have the time to ask them about it but in my personal interpretation, I think it is a river or a simple representation of the drought. The colors are really bright representing the happiness people get when summer arrives.

The theme was nature. They got their inspiration from the places they have traveled in the world. The nature they were surrounded in the different places played a huge part of each of their painting. The paintings give a story to the audience that nature still exists and show off the real beauty of nature. I think they did an excellent job with their paintings. It inspired me to acknowledge nature and enjoy it. I appreciate nature now because the paintings gave me a life lesson. I guess art can speak to a person.

Some of the artists emails below:


Anahid: ana_s67@yahoo