This week I had the chance to have a conversation with Milllie Herrera. I went up to her to talk to her and she was very warm because she did not make me feel awkward. She is very kind because she agreed to have a conversation with me even thought she already had one with another classmate. I am really glad she did not turn me down. Okay let me tell you some fun facts about her. She is a third year in Cal State Long Beach and her major is Marketing. She lives in Norwalk which is like really close by my job in Downey. She loves soccer and she is a soccer player which is the total opposite of me because I am a basketball player. She is an only  child but she did not feel lonely like most people usually think. She was raised by her mother. She loves working out which is awesome because I love working out as well( maybe we can work out together sometime). It helps us relax while staying fit at the same time. She is a Disney freak and that day she had plans to go to Disneyland after class! Her favorite foods are cheeseburgers and pizza. She is tea person like me and well she doesnt like or dislike boba because she said she is still trying to figure it out. I hope she decides to like boba so we can get milk tea bobas on campus or Cha for tea. It was really nice meeting a person with similar hobbies as me.


The question for the week was “What do you swim in?” and I automatically told her in clean water. It was more of a joke. Millie responded by saying she is still trying to figure out in what she swims in. She knows for a fact that she does not want to follow the current. it is a very broad question with many interpretations but she hopes that she is swimming in her own water and not anyone’s else.  She is an “independent fish” who is swimming in her own water.

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