This week I had to live a night like our ancestors did which was to go through a night without electricity or electronics. At first I was very excited but terrified because I feel like I surround myself about everything that contains electricity like my laptop, Iphone, Ipad, etc. I absolutely love the night. I am not a morning person at all and I tend to use as little light in my household because the light bugs me. However, i love using my electronics.

I started off my afternoon by getting home from work and changing into my favorite PJ’s. I knew the sun was going to set around 7:30 so I had 2 hours to prepare for my night without electricity. I told my roommates to take the challenge with me. We decided to go to the market and get snacks for later on. I wanted to get movies but then I realized we could not. THE NIGHT ARRIVED! We lit some candles so we can have some sort of light. The candle is a stress relief one from Bath and Body Works. We realized that we are so based on electricity that we get bored quickly and do not know how to use our time wisely. At first we decided to study for a bit and help each other. After two hours of studying, we decided to know more about each other. We started sharing childhood memories and embarrassing moments throughout our lifespan. I found so much information about my roommates and  feel even closer to them now. We ended the night with a pillow fight. We were exhausted and decided to sleep in one room because it would seem more like a sleepover. It was a very fun and interesting night with my roommates. I am very glad they were able to experience a night without electricity with me. I would recommends others to try this experience out because it makes you appreciate electricity but at the same time realize how much it shapes our lifestyle.