This weeks activity was to spray paint our names either in a cardboard or at Venice Beach for extra credit. I actually wanted to go to Venice beach but I did not have time to go since I had work. Instead I had to do my spray paint at home. I was very nervous because I am not good at anything art related. This is why I brought my roommate and sister along with me.I did it Sunday morning before work because I had no time before or after that. My experience is hilarious because I did not expect that to happen. My roommate passed by my house in the morning so we can go buy cardboard or any tools we would need for this project. I had everything in mind how things were supposed to come out but everything went downhill. I planned to do my painting around 11am and be done with everything at 12pm so I can have time to relax before I got to work at 2pm.

We bought a poster at staples and afterwards we decided to buy some treats to stay cool in this heat. After we talked and relaxed, I told them it was time to start painting. As I was outlining my name on the poster, my roommate told me the spray paint bottles were not working. I was upset because I spend money on it. It was already 12:30 pm and I did not know what to do because I had an hour to finish my project. I told her to drive me to the arts store in Huntington Park because I had no other choice but to buy 2 more spray paint bottles. I was upset because I had to waste even more money. I was contemplating whether to get it or not. I decided I was just going to buy the spay paints but as I was about to pay for the spray paints, my roommate starts yelling “DON’T BUY IT CHRISTA I FIXED IT”. I have no idea how she fixed it but she did. I am so thankful for my roommate!


I had no time to go to a park or anywhere else to spray paint so I decided to put my poster down and do it in the street. Many people were staring at me and were very amused with my creation. It might not be the best but I tried my best. Other people thought I was tagging but I explained to them that it was on a poster and it is art. I was very happy because I finished it on time. I had so much fun spray painting and I would recommend everyone to try it. I wish I had the opportunity to have done it at Venice Beach.


We were so proud of the art because each one of us had an input. My roommate drove us to the places and her sister ( the one in the picture) helped me outline my name on the poster. It was a very hectic morning but I enjoyed this project. It might not be the best because I do not have the talent but in my perspective it is awesome!