This week on Thursday I decided to have a conversation with Julia. I met Julia the first day of class and I thought she was an amazing person. Let me tell you something about Julia, there is never a dull moment with her. She is a very funny and sweet girl.  She is a second year at Cal State Long Beach and majoring in Health Care Administration. She was doing Nursing at first but the major was very difficult to keep up with so she decided to switch.  She has big plans for herself.

She is originally from the Bay area. At the moment she is commuting from North Hollywood to Long Beach because she did not have a great experience in the dorms so she decided to commute instead.   She absolutely loves and adores her dog. She has a lot of pictures of her dog and she even has a selfie of her dog printed out in an album. She loves talking about her dog and telling stories that revolve around her dog. Personally, I think they are so funny and entertaining. She barely started working at BJ’s Restaurant as a waitress. At the moment, she actually likes her job. I told her I give her a month before she gets irritated with the customers. She introduced me to this app that I absolutely love! Shout out to Julia for sharing the app with me. Overall, she is a pretty nice girl.

I asked Julia what art meant to her and she said that is a unique way for humans to express their imagination and feelings. It all depends on every individual how he or she would like create art and how they interpret it. Art helps others focus on the bright side instead of the negativity the world has to offer. If people were to enjoy and focus on art, she believes there wont be as much as violence in the world. She is not an artistic person but art puts in a ease mood because it gets her to meditate on the message the art piece is giving.

If you are interested in to know more about Julia, I posted her website below.

Julia’s website: