I had the opportunity to meet Emily Hernandez on Thursday morning at the Art Gallery in Cal State Long Beach.  Emily is currently 22 years of age and is from Orange County. Her favorite color is yellow. She is an interactive at student who is inspired by humans, color, and human space. Her mother is from California but her dad is from Mexico. She did not learn how to speak Spanish because her father thought it would confuse her.  She has an older sister who lives in Japan and she has traveled to many places that include Japan, Europe, France, and Mexico. She focuses on ceramics and portraits. Her goal is to paint for the rest of her life while being an art teacher for either middle or high school students and being part of art shows.

IMG_2223 “Self Portrait”

The piece above is a self portrait of Emily Hernandez. I love the texture of the piece because it seems soft but it is quite intensifying.She actually painted herself while looking at herself in the mirror because she believes it captures the best light for her face. She did not take a picture of herself because in her mind it is cheating and she can not capture the natural lightning and colors. She chose herself because she is very strict on the model. People tend to slightly move and it disturbs her because the piece might come out poor. The trouts represent a rainbow trout knit her friend made for her. She uses oil for her art because on the way she can easily change it later if she does not like the outcome. Every painting is made with oil paint on canvas board because it dries faster since the board is fast absorbing.  It dries in 3 months instead of 6 months and if it dries in different speeds it can crack and the piece is ruined. It took her 30 minutes to create the portrait of herself.  She enjoys painting herself and her boyfriend because she likes to know the model. Typically when she sees a person’s face, she outlines their face shape in her head and imagines how she would paint that person.

IMG_2226 Emily was convincing us to paint a self portrait of us!

IMG_2228  “Dear Ones” student’s paintings

The paintings above are not Emily’s but students at CSULB. Some of my classmates painted a selfie of themselves and were exposed in the art gallery.  Emily believes everyone has an artistic side because there is something for everyone where if you look in depth, you can find your inner artist. She believes art is a problem solving idea where you reexamine how you see life and view people in a different way and colors. Art has made her see her life in a different dimension. She says that it is very difficult to explain but it is a special gift to her. This is why she made us paint ourselves so she can share the special gift with us. She has a side job where she paints animal’s portraits for the owners. She paints once a week. She is graduating soon but she is staying for her teaching credentials. Emily is a great and amazing artist! There is no doubt in my mind that Emily won’t accomplish her goals. I really enjoyed listening to Emily’s aspirations in life.

Instagram: Missymonks

Gallery: Dennis W. Dutzi Gallery