On Thursday morning, I was checking out the art galleries by myself until I realized I had to actually interact with one of my classmates. That is when I spotted Natalie, She seemed very nice and quiet. I went up to her and introduced myself and that is how I knew she would be the lucky one to have a classmate conversation with me. I am totally kidding. As we were both observing the artworks, we talked about ourselves.

Natalie lives in Orange County where the famous O.C fair comes every summer each year.. She is a very sweet and cooperative person because we worked together the whole morning to figure out the activity. In the beginning, we were so lost on what to do but then we asked questions and figured out the assignment. She is a second year at CSULB like me. She has two older brothers and a dog ( chihuahua/ pug mix). She likes to draw and she is very good at it as well. I saw one of her sketches and it was amazing. I am kind of jealous of her because she can actually draw and I can’t.  Her hobbies include drawing ( of course) , listening to music, watching Netflix, etc. Her birthday is on June 24th. Although she is undeclared, she hopes to become a physician assistant in the future.

Natalie believes that art is expressed differently because every person is unique. People can express their feelings or thoughts through art. For example, she expresses herself through her drawings. She lets out her emotions on paper by burying herself in her drawings. She believes other people can express themselves through music as well. Art can be shown in different forms and it does not necessarily have to be through drawing or sculptures. This is why art is beautiful.


Photo credit to Glenn!

He is an amazing photographer!

We were both laughing because Glenn kept taking pictures in a silly way!

I guess it was meant for us to have the conversation since we are both wearing hats in the picture.

Natalie’s Website: https://ndmai.wordpress.com