Hey guys!

Your girl Christa is back!

This week I had to take 4 or more pictures throughout my day and post them on my Instagram with the hashtag #Art110f15. I hardly post pictures on Instagram but this activity was very fun because I had the opportunity to see what my classmates were doing on Thursday. I had planned my day on what I was going to take pictures of but sadly my day did not end up how i had planned it. Anyways, this activity reminded me how pictures can capture the beauty of the day and it gives us long-lasting memories of our routines. 


I got to my apartment and decided to just relax because I was tired from school. My roommates decided to go back home on Thursday so I was alone. I was planning to stay there for the weekend but that did not happen. Therefore, I took this photo because I did not plan to head out back to L.A to my parents home for the weekend.  It was very spontaneous because out of no where I felt very sick and I needed my mom to care and spoil me. Oh and let me not forget to mention that I received a parking citation because I forgot to move my car for the street sweeping by my apartment. It was a very lovely surprise! No I am totally joking. I was so upset but I mean it is what it is. Oh fun fact it is my very first ticket and I had to deprive myself from buying clothes because now I have to pay my ticket. Oh well!


Once I got home, I see my little brother in the mirror checking himself out or flexing in front of the mirror. I knew I had to take a picture and share it on Instagram for my activity.I could not stop laughing because he was doing all these funny poses. I felt better because I missed my brother so much! He is so silly and he always has these funny stories about his day. He is like “Okay Jen I need to tell you about my week as a middle school student.”  I start teasing him because he can be very dramatic at times! Another fun fact my family are the only ones who call me by my first name.


Once I got home and unpacked everything, I knew I had to tell my mom about the parking citation. Eventually, I grew the courage to tell her and she was quite upset. I told her I would take responsibility because I am no longer a child. I told her about how my day was horrible and all I wanted to do is get pampered and sleep. She took me to get tacos from my favorite place! I was extremely happy because I love those tacos. The only thing missing was some horchata or some agua de pina. I ended my night by eating my favorite tacos and relaxing with my mother. My day was horrible but once I got home to my family, I felt happy. Family is the best.

At the end of the day I was looking through the posts on Instagram. I noticed a lot of different posts like the art galleries, food, the campus, drinks, etc. I found all the posts interesting because some of them were funny or I do the same thing. One connection that I am positive that everyone will agree with me is that we were all trying to stay cool in this hot weather. I saw a post where one of my classmates had an ice-cube in her mouth to survive the heat wave and it made me laugh because I do the same thing! I felt connected to my classmates because I like eating frozen yogurt, taking selfies, starbucks, netlfix, etc.  We are like a small community who enjoy doing similar things for fun. This activity made me realize that we are all connected in a way because we all have similar interests despite our culture or age or anything else that makes us unique individuals. This made me realize that I can actually be friends with everyone from my class.