September 2015

Wk 5- Artist Conversation – Josh Benz

This week I had the opportunity to have a conversation with Josh Benz at the Max. L. Gatov  Gallery East in Cal State Long Beach. In the beginning, he was very timid and did not speak loud but he got more comfortable as he noticed we were all genuinely interested in his work. Josh used to do anime drawings in high school and based on that hobby he decided he wanted to pursue a career in art. Josh started off in a art college and then transferred to a community college and finally he came to Cal State Long Beach. His major is drawing/painting. His inspiration to become an artist were his grandparents because they were artists as well. They specialized with water colors but Josh preferred oil paint.

IMG_9116 Josh with his painting

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Wk 5- Classmate Conversation- Milllie Herrera

This week I had the chance to have a conversation with Milllie Herrera. I went up to her to talk to her and she was very warm because she did not make me feel awkward. She is very kind because she agreed to have a conversation with me even thought she already had one with another classmate. I am really glad she did not turn me down. Okay let me tell you some fun facts about her. She is a third year in Cal State Long Beach and her major is Marketing. She lives in Norwalk which is like really close by my job in Downey. She loves soccer and she is a soccer player which is the total opposite of me because I am a basketball player. She is an only  child but she did not feel lonely like most people usually think. She was raised by her mother. She loves working out which is awesome because I love working out as well( maybe we can work out together sometime). It helps us relax while staying fit at the same time. She is a Disney freak and that day she had plans to go to Disneyland after class! Her favorite foods are cheeseburgers and pizza. She is tea person like me and well she doesnt like or dislike boba because she said she is still trying to figure it out. I hope she decides to like boba so we can get milk tea bobas on campus or Cha for tea. It was really nice meeting a person with similar hobbies as me.


The question for the week was “What do you swim in?” and I automatically told her in clean water. It was more of a joke. Millie responded by saying she is still trying to figure out in what she swims in. She knows for a fact that she does not want to follow the current. it is a very broad question with many interpretations but she hopes that she is swimming in her own water and not anyone’s else.  She is an “independent fish” who is swimming in her own water.

Millie’s Website:

Wk 5 Activity – Ethnography

This week I had to live a night like our ancestors did which was to go through a night without electricity or electronics. At first I was very excited but terrified because I feel like I surround myself about everything that contains electricity like my laptop, Iphone, Ipad, etc. I absolutely love the night. I am not a morning person at all and I tend to use as little light in my household because the light bugs me. However, i love using my electronics.

I started off my afternoon by getting home from work and changing into my favorite PJ’s. I knew the sun was going to set around 7:30 so I had 2 hours to prepare for my night without electricity. I told my roommates to take the challenge with me. We decided to go to the market and get snacks for later on. I wanted to get movies but then I realized we could not. THE NIGHT ARRIVED! We lit some candles so we can have some sort of light. The candle is a stress relief one from Bath and Body Works. We realized that we are so based on electricity that we get bored quickly and do not know how to use our time wisely. At first we decided to study for a bit and help each other. After two hours of studying, we decided to know more about each other. We started sharing childhood memories and embarrassing moments throughout our lifespan. I found so much information about my roommates and  feel even closer to them now. We ended the night with a pillow fight. We were exhausted and decided to sleep in one room because it would seem more like a sleepover. It was a very fun and interesting night with my roommates. I am very glad they were able to experience a night without electricity with me. I would recommends others to try this experience out because it makes you appreciate electricity but at the same time realize how much it shapes our lifestyle.


Week 4 Painting

This weeks activity was to spray paint our names either in a cardboard or at Venice Beach for extra credit. I actually wanted to go to Venice beach but I did not have time to go since I had work. Instead I had to do my spray paint at home. I was very nervous because I am not good at anything art related. This is why I brought my roommate and sister along with me.I did it Sunday morning before work because I had no time before or after that. My experience is hilarious because I did not expect that to happen. My roommate passed by my house in the morning so we can go buy cardboard or any tools we would need for this project. I had everything in mind how things were supposed to come out but everything went downhill. I planned to do my painting around 11am and be done with everything at 12pm so I can have time to relax before I got to work at 2pm.

We bought a poster at staples and afterwards we decided to buy some treats to stay cool in this heat. After we talked and relaxed, I told them it was time to start painting. As I was outlining my name on the poster, my roommate told me the spray paint bottles were not working. I was upset because I spend money on it. It was already 12:30 pm and I did not know what to do because I had an hour to finish my project. I told her to drive me to the arts store in Huntington Park because I had no other choice but to buy 2 more spray paint bottles. I was upset because I had to waste even more money. I was contemplating whether to get it or not. I decided I was just going to buy the spay paints but as I was about to pay for the spray paints, my roommate starts yelling “DON’T BUY IT CHRISTA I FIXED IT”. I have no idea how she fixed it but she did. I am so thankful for my roommate!


I had no time to go to a park or anywhere else to spray paint so I decided to put my poster down and do it in the street. Many people were staring at me and were very amused with my creation. It might not be the best but I tried my best. Other people thought I was tagging but I explained to them that it was on a poster and it is art. I was very happy because I finished it on time. I had so much fun spray painting and I would recommend everyone to try it. I wish I had the opportunity to have done it at Venice Beach.


We were so proud of the art because each one of us had an input. My roommate drove us to the places and her sister ( the one in the picture) helped me outline my name on the poster. It was a very hectic morning but I enjoyed this project. It might not be the best because I do not have the talent but in my perspective it is awesome!

Week 4: Classmate Conversation Julia Clouse


This week on Thursday I decided to have a conversation with Julia. I met Julia the first day of class and I thought she was an amazing person. Let me tell you something about Julia, there is never a dull moment with her. She is a very funny and sweet girl.  She is a second year at Cal State Long Beach and majoring in Health Care Administration. She was doing Nursing at first but the major was very difficult to keep up with so she decided to switch.  She has big plans for herself.

She is originally from the Bay area. At the moment she is commuting from North Hollywood to Long Beach because she did not have a great experience in the dorms so she decided to commute instead.   She absolutely loves and adores her dog. She has a lot of pictures of her dog and she even has a selfie of her dog printed out in an album. She loves talking about her dog and telling stories that revolve around her dog. Personally, I think they are so funny and entertaining. She barely started working at BJ’s Restaurant as a waitress. At the moment, she actually likes her job. I told her I give her a month before she gets irritated with the customers. She introduced me to this app that I absolutely love! Shout out to Julia for sharing the app with me. Overall, she is a pretty nice girl.

I asked Julia what art meant to her and she said that is a unique way for humans to express their imagination and feelings. It all depends on every individual how he or she would like create art and how they interpret it. Art helps others focus on the bright side instead of the negativity the world has to offer. If people were to enjoy and focus on art, she believes there wont be as much as violence in the world. She is not an artistic person but art puts in a ease mood because it gets her to meditate on the message the art piece is giving.

If you are interested in to know more about Julia, I posted her website below.

Julia’s website:

Week 4 Artist Conversation: Emily Hernandez

I had the opportunity to meet Emily Hernandez on Thursday morning at the Art Gallery in Cal State Long Beach.  Emily is currently 22 years of age and is from Orange County. Her favorite color is yellow. She is an interactive at student who is inspired by humans, color, and human space. Her mother is from California but her dad is from Mexico. She did not learn how to speak Spanish because her father thought it would confuse her.  She has an older sister who lives in Japan and she has traveled to many places that include Japan, Europe, France, and Mexico. She focuses on ceramics and portraits. Her goal is to paint for the rest of her life while being an art teacher for either middle or high school students and being part of art shows.

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Week 3: Classmate Conversation – Natalie Mai

On Thursday morning, I was checking out the art galleries by myself until I realized I had to actually interact with one of my classmates. That is when I spotted Natalie, She seemed very nice and quiet. I went up to her and introduced myself and that is how I knew she would be the lucky one to have a classmate conversation with me. I am totally kidding. As we were both observing the artworks, we talked about ourselves.

Natalie lives in Orange County where the famous O.C fair comes every summer each year.. She is a very sweet and cooperative person because we worked together the whole morning to figure out the activity. In the beginning, we were so lost on what to do but then we asked questions and figured out the assignment. She is a second year at CSULB like me. She has two older brothers and a dog ( chihuahua/ pug mix). She likes to draw and she is very good at it as well. I saw one of her sketches and it was amazing. I am kind of jealous of her because she can actually draw and I can’t.  Her hobbies include drawing ( of course) , listening to music, watching Netflix, etc. Her birthday is on June 24th. Although she is undeclared, she hopes to become a physician assistant in the future.

Natalie believes that art is expressed differently because every person is unique. People can express their feelings or thoughts through art. For example, she expresses herself through her drawings. She lets out her emotions on paper by burying herself in her drawings. She believes other people can express themselves through music as well. Art can be shown in different forms and it does not necessarily have to be through drawing or sculptures. This is why art is beautiful.


Photo credit to Glenn!

He is an amazing photographer!

We were both laughing because Glenn kept taking pictures in a silly way!

I guess it was meant for us to have the conversation since we are both wearing hats in the picture.

Natalie’s Website:

Week 3 Artist Conversation: Kayla R. Workman


On Thursday morning, I had the opportunity to meet Kayla R. Workman- an artist, student, and lovely person in general at the Marilyn Werby Gallery at Cal State Long Beach.  Her work is truly inspiring because she incorporates education in her art in a unique way. She is a very optimistic and strong person because her work was inspired by her grandfather who was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease. She was interested to learn more about the disease so she collaborated with Acacia Adult Day Services where she challenged them to create art that represents beauty and identity.

Workman’s masterpiece 


Kayla’s art was displayed in the Marilyn Werby Gallery. This one was my all time favorite because the minute you enter there are various vibrant colors and an incredible energy. The picture above represents one of Workman’s work and three other women who contributed as well. It is called “Affirmation”. It is a Polaroid film of a person’s hand holding a strip of paper that explain what they had accomplished with their hands. Hands are seen as a great feature because it reveals our identity. In addition, our hands can hint our ethnicity, age, gender, occupation, and class. The colors are black and white which can represent the dark times and happy times their hands were used.  The nature of the line is straight but the handwriting is quite different. Every person wrote their own accomplishments on the Polaroid film so every photo can be distinguished.  The work is very simple but there is a whole story behind each photo. It encourages me to find out more about the work and even meet the people to know more about their lives.


This is another example of her work. I really love this one! It can represent how the person used to or still loves cooking fried chicken for either herself or her family. When Kayla spoke about her art, it made me realized that she is very passionate about her work and “super stoked” about it all the time. She mentioned how she wish she spend more time working at the Senior Center. She was there from February through August. Kayla’s mind is filled with such beautiful and creative ideas. You can tell by observing her artwork. I feel like she is trying to expand and create a new version of what art can be. Art can be for everywhere regardless of age, ethnicity, class, etc.

In my perspective, I am not an art person at all. I love how she used the Polaroid camera because it so vintage and cute. I feel like Kayla used her experience with her grandpa as a positive aspect because she did an amazing thing at the Senior Center. She is using her art skills in a positive method where it can inspire others to follow her footsteps. I really admire her for not letting herself down about her grandpa but instead she took something negative and made a positive outcome for herself and others. If I had the talent or energy to actually study art, I would love to be like Kayla. Her optimistic and stoked self reminds me of myself. I have had hard experiences in my life and in a way her art comforts me. It is hard to explain but I feel like I can breathe and stare at the artwork in peace.

Kayla R. Workman Information

Week 3 Activity : Social Photography

Hey guys!

Your girl Christa is back!

This week I had to take 4 or more pictures throughout my day and post them on my Instagram with the hashtag #Art110f15. I hardly post pictures on Instagram but this activity was very fun because I had the opportunity to see what my classmates were doing on Thursday. I had planned my day on what I was going to take pictures of but sadly my day did not end up how i had planned it. Anyways, this activity reminded me how pictures can capture the beauty of the day and it gives us long-lasting memories of our routines. 


I got to my apartment and decided to just relax because I was tired from school. My roommates decided to go back home on Thursday so I was alone. I was planning to stay there for the weekend but that did not happen. Therefore, I took this photo because I did not plan to head out back to L.A to my parents home for the weekend.  It was very spontaneous because out of no where I felt very sick and I needed my mom to care and spoil me. Oh and let me not forget to mention that I received a parking citation because I forgot to move my car for the street sweeping by my apartment. It was a very lovely surprise! No I am totally joking. I was so upset but I mean it is what it is. Oh fun fact it is my very first ticket and I had to deprive myself from buying clothes because now I have to pay my ticket. Oh well!


Once I got home, I see my little brother in the mirror checking himself out or flexing in front of the mirror. I knew I had to take a picture and share it on Instagram for my activity.I could not stop laughing because he was doing all these funny poses. I felt better because I missed my brother so much! He is so silly and he always has these funny stories about his day. He is like “Okay Jen I need to tell you about my week as a middle school student.”  I start teasing him because he can be very dramatic at times! Another fun fact my family are the only ones who call me by my first name.


Once I got home and unpacked everything, I knew I had to tell my mom about the parking citation. Eventually, I grew the courage to tell her and she was quite upset. I told her I would take responsibility because I am no longer a child. I told her about how my day was horrible and all I wanted to do is get pampered and sleep. She took me to get tacos from my favorite place! I was extremely happy because I love those tacos. The only thing missing was some horchata or some agua de pina. I ended my night by eating my favorite tacos and relaxing with my mother. My day was horrible but once I got home to my family, I felt happy. Family is the best.

At the end of the day I was looking through the posts on Instagram. I noticed a lot of different posts like the art galleries, food, the campus, drinks, etc. I found all the posts interesting because some of them were funny or I do the same thing. One connection that I am positive that everyone will agree with me is that we were all trying to stay cool in this hot weather. I saw a post where one of my classmates had an ice-cube in her mouth to survive the heat wave and it made me laugh because I do the same thing! I felt connected to my classmates because I like eating frozen yogurt, taking selfies, starbucks, netlfix, etc.  We are like a small community who enjoy doing similar things for fun. This activity made me realize that we are all connected in a way because we all have similar interests despite our culture or age or anything else that makes us unique individuals. This made me realize that I can actually be friends with everyone from my class.

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