Hey guys I am Jennifer but I go by the name Christa! I am very outgoing and talkative and well my friends say I am hilarious! I am a second year at CSULB and I absolutely love it!  Go beach! I love meeting new people.  I have met some amazing people that will be like my life long friends. I like to hang out with my friends, sleep, Netflix, and do spontaneous adventures! My major is social work and I want to be a social worker but I am open to other options.  I am also thinking of getting psychology minor.  I hate tomato and ketchup and BBQ.  This year I got an apartment with one of my high school friends and 2 friends that i met my first year of college! It is pretty fun and convenient! I absolutely love it. Well thats a little info about me! 🙂                                                                                     _yRxZ4tW